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How does your adoption process work?
We require any potential puppy families to fill out our puppy questionnaire and to speak with us by phone or text before a deposit is placed. We want to insure our puppies go to loving safe family homes. Once the questionnaire is reviewed and discussion with us takes place and we give the okay, a deposit may be placed on an available puppy of your choice. If we have a current waiting list, deposit holders get the right to choose first. Once a deposit is placed, that puppy is reserved for your family and will be noted as pending deposit / deposit received and removed as for sale on our website and Facebook page.  Once a deposit is placed, you will be required to read and sign our Contract. We will also provide our expectation sheet for your review.  You will also need to  sign our Spay / Neuter agreement.  You can find a link to these documents here. 

About our deposits
Our deposits are $200 and non refundable if you change your mind. They are refundable if something happens to the puppy while in our care. They can also be transferred to another litter. We do not keep your deposit unnecessarily so please do not worry about that.  Deposits can be made via PayPal, checks, money orders, cash or Square credit card processing.  (Small fees may be applied to electronic processing.)  Deposits are applied to the final purchase price of your puppy.  We RESERVE THE RIGHT TO RETURN OR REFUSE A DEPOSIT OR TO SELL A PUPPY IF WE DEEM IT NECESSARY AN NOT A GOOD FIT TO ANY PERSON OR FAMILY.

Deposit holders vs General Wait lists
We have two types of wait lists. A Deposit Holders wait list and a General Wait lists.  Adoptive families have a choice of putting a deposit down on a specific type of puppy such as sex, color, pattern or coat type or be put on a general wait list where no deposit has been made. Obviously deposit holders will get first choice on puppies.  Of course we (Whispering Pines Farm Miniature Dachshunds) get priority pick of any  and all litters.  You can find the link to these wait lists here

Final Payment
Final payment is required in Cash with exact change. We do not take personal checks or electronic funds as final payment. No exceptions.

Contract and Health Guarantee 
Whispering Pines Farm Miniature Dachshunds endorses our contract and considers it a legal and binding document for the safety and well being of our puppies. All families are require to read and sign this document before picking up their puppy.  We offer a 1 year health guarantee on all of our puppies. This guarantee is for life threatening hereditary illnesses only.  

Spray / Neuter Contract
We require a spay / neuter agreement be signed when you pick up your puppy.  You can view this contract here.

Registration Papers
All of our dogs are purebreds. They are registered AKC and or CKC. Our puppies are offered with limited papers except to approved breeders at an additional cost of $200 for full papers.. 

 What is the price of your puppies?
Our prices range from $500 to $1800 depending on sex, color, pattern and coat type. Prices are subject to change at our discretion  and non negotiable. Basic colors and solids such as black & tans start at lower prices while dilute colors such as blue and chocolate and more popular patterns such as dapples being at higher prices.   You can see a detailed list of our prices here.  

When can we pick up our puppy?
Our puppies do not leave our care until they are 8 weeks old.  Puppies are expected to be picked up on their ready date. If this date is not convenient for you, please contact us immediately to arrange an alternate date. Any puppy not picked up within 72 hours of agreed pickup date can be subject to a $25 per day boarding charge and or placed up for sale with deposit forfeited. 

Shipping / Transport
We do not ship our puppies. Puppies can be picked up at our home by appointment. In some instances, we are willing to meet families within a few hours of our home for at a rate of 48 cents per mile. We can also meet locally in Knoxville at no charge. 

What is included with the price of our puppy?
Our puppies come with their 1st vaccine against canine distemper, adenovirus type 2, parainfluenza, and parvovirus. We use Solo-Jec 5 brand vaccines and administer them ourselves. Our puppies are NOT vaccinated against Leptospira as small breeds can have allergic reactions to that vaccine. Puppies are wormed at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks of age. They come with a puppy pack (see below picture) including a blanket, toy, teething bones etc. You will also get a sample of food. We use Victor Professional food. They will also have a sample of NuVet supplement. We highly recommend you continue using Victor dog food which is a high quality food for all stages of life. We also recommend you continue using NuVet and can read about this supplement on our website here.  Along with all this, you also get "Me"! This means at anytime you have questions or concerns over the life of your puppy / dog, you can always feel free to contact me. I will be glad to help in any way I can. You and your family will always be a part of our Whispering Pines Farm Miniature Dachshund family!
An Example of our Puppy Go Home Packs

What kind of dog food do you use?

We use Victor Professional Dog food. This is a high quality food for all stages of life from puppyhood to senior.  You will get a sample of this food with your puppy. Locally, only Knox Farms Co-op sells this food. The address and phone number is below. If you are not local to us, is a good alternative place to get this food.  

Knox Farmers Cooperative

6616 Asheville Hwy
Knoxville, TN 37924
Phone: 865-522-3148
Fax: 865-546-7157

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