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Deposit Holders  and General Wait List
Updated 11/5/18

Deposit holders vs General Wait lists
We have two types of wait lists. A Deposit Holders wait list and a General Wait lists.  Adoptive families have a choice of putting a deposit down on a specific type of puppy such as sex, color, pattern or coat type or be on a general wait list where no deposit has been made. Obviously deposit holders get priority over general wait list people. Of course we (Whispering Pines Farm Miniature Dachshunds) get 1st pick of any and all litters.

Please contact me to be added to either of these lists.  Only First name and last name initial along with request will be on the below lists. All personal information will be kept confidential on my master list. 

Please review our Price List before placing a deposit on a puppy.  Our Price list can be found here

I must have the deposit holders name, address, email address and two valid phone numbers when deposit is placed.

Deposit Holders List 
(deposits have been made)

Penelope & Bentley Litter Due Nov 23, 2018
This litter should have Chocolate Dapples, Silver Dapples, 
Chocolate & Tans & Black & Tans
This litter will be CKC registered

1st Pick - Deadre M.
2nd Pick - Kim S.
3rd pick - Devon T.


Upcoming Litters

Arizona & Rio Litter Planned Breeding 10/18 Puppies due 12/18
chocolate to chocolate piebald
expected chocolate piebalds & solids
1st pick - available
2nd pick - available
3rd pick - available

Bella & Phoenix Litter Planned Breeding 11/18 Puppies due 1/19
Isabella to chocolate dapple pie
Expecting chocolates, Isabellas in solids & dapples
1st pick - available
2nd pick - available
3rd pick - available

Brooklyn & Rio Litter Planned Breeding 10/18 Puppies due 12/18
chocolate dapple piebald to chocolate piebald
expected chocolate dapples, chocolate dapple piebalds & solids
1st pick - available
2nd pick - available
3rd pick - available

Trixie & Bentley Litter Planned Breeding Spring 2019
blue dapple longhair to smooth chocolate piebald
expected dapples in chocolate & tan, blue & tan as well as solids
1st pick - Deadre M. 
2nd pick - available
3rd pick - available


General Wait List

(in no particular order & for no specific litter no deposit received)
Paul H. - Female Longhaired
Carlos G. - Blue & tan female
Connie S. - Smooth red female
Sarah H. - Female
Amy H. - Chocolate & Tan Male
Ashley R. - Longhaired Female Dapple
Brooke C. - Longhaired cream or dapple
Laura - Black & Tan Smooth 
Learik S. - Red male
Deano L. - Longhaired Female 
Bryan S. - Chocolate & Tan or Blk & Tan male smooth
Icilen K. - Black & Tan Longhair male
Brian M. - Solid female LH or smooth
Molissa T. - Dapple or solid chocolate smooth female
Donna C. - cream, blk & tan, choc & tan female long or sm
ShaTara C. - Longhaired dapple
Katherine K. - Red longhair
Sydney F. - female
Katie M. - longhaired female with black nose
Sarahbeth A. - smooth dapple or Isabella male or female
Anita S. - longhaired
Joe P. - female smooth black & tan dapple. 
Kandice J - no preference - sent in questionnaire
Leigh D. - Silver Dapple
Kayla H. - any
Kate W. - Blue or Silver dapple

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